Year I
Chaucer and Elizabethan Ages
Restoration and Augustan Ages
Romantic and Victorian Ages
Twentieth Century Literature
General Essay

Year II
American Literature
Commonwealth Literature
Language and Linguistics
Women's Studied


Year I
Cultural Heritage of India and Economic History of India from A.D. 1526 to 1857
Social and Religious Movements in Modern India and Indian National Movement
Contemporary History of India from A.D. 1947 to 1966 and India and her neighbors
Social, Cultural and Economic History of Tamil Nadu up to A.D. 1565 and Social, Cultural and Economic History of Tamil Nadu from A.D. 1565 to 1997
Intellectual History of India and Development of Science and Technology in Independent India

Year II
History of Ancient Civilizations (Excluding India) and
International Relations from A.D. 1900
Historiography – Theory and Historiography – Methodology
History of Kongu Nadu and Women's Studies
History of Modern World
MHIK Environmental Studies (or) Project

Human Rights

Year I
Human Rights in its Historical Perspective
Human Rights and Duties of States and Citizens
Human Rights : Group Rights and The U.N.O.
Human Rights and the New World Order
Human Rights Violations and Redressed

Year II
History of Ancient Civilizations (Excluding India) and
Human Rights and the Indian Constitution
Issues of Women, Trans Gender, Children and Labour 29
Media and Human Rights
Emerging Trends and Contemporary Issues in Human Rights
A Case Study on Human Rights Violations and Redressed in about 20 Pages

Journalism & Mass Communication

Year I
Introduction to Journalism and Mass Communication
News Reporting
News Editing
Writing for Media
Media Laws & Ethics

Year II
Electronic Media
Advertising & Public Relations
Women & Media
research Methodology
Development Communication

Public Administration

Year I
Administration of Public Enterprises
Organization Theory
Research Methodology
Financial Administration
Human Resource Management

Year II
Administrative Thinkers
Administrative Law
Police Administration
Local Government and Administration is India
E – Governance in India

Human Resource Management

Year I
Principles of Management and Communication
Organizational Behavior
General Human Resource Management
Career Management and Decision Making
Legal Aspects of HRM 30

Year II
Change Management and Organizational Development
Management Training and Development
Management of Industrial Relations and Welfare
Modern Human Resource Management
A Case Study and training report on Human Resource Practice


Year I
Principles of Sociology
Sociological Theories
Research Methodology and Statistics
Indian Society: Structure and Chance
Sociology of Health

Year II
Industrial Sociology and Labor Problems
Rural – Urban Sociology
Indian Social Problems
Social Demography
Environmental Sociology