M.Sc. IT

Year I
Fundamentals of Information Technology
C and Data Structures
Object Oriented Programming in C++
Operating Systems
Visual Programming
Database Management Systems
Software Engineering
Computer Oriented Statistical and Numerical Methods
Practical I : MS-Office and C Lab
Practical II : C++ and JAVA Lab
Practical III : RDBMS and VB Lab

Year II
Distributed Systems
Computer Networks
Internet and Web Programming
Elective I
Elective II
Practical IV : Internet and Web Programming Lab
Elective I

  1. E-Commerce (MITR)
  2. Object Oriented Analysis and Design (MITS)
  3. Wireless Application
  4. Protocol (MITQ)

Elective II
  1. Computer Graphics (MITO) 25
  2. Data Mining (MITP)
  3. Client / Server Computing (MITT)